StarCaster™ Broadcast Traffic and A/R Software
Native 16-bit, x86 architecture
Version 7.01b  (released Feb-16-2011)

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Support > Error Messages > List of Run-time Errors

Abbreviations usedPop-up window
The following is a list of the possible run-time errors. Most of these errors you should never encounter (e.g., error 212, Stream registration error -- StarCaster doesn't utilize streams in this context). As such, no further explanation is offered.
However, errors that you may encounter can be further studied via the pop-up link.
DOS Errors
spacer1Invalid function number
spacer2File not found
spacer3Path not found
spacer4Too many open filesPop-up window
spacer5File access deniedPop-up window
spacer6Invalid file handle
spacer7Memory control block destroyed
spacer8Insufficient memory
spacer9Memory block address invalid
spacer10Environment invalid
spacer11Format invalid
spacer12Invalid file access code
spacer13Data invalid
spacer14Unknown unit
spacer15Invalid drive number
spacer16Cannot remove current directory
spacer17Cannot rename across drives
spacer18No more filesPop-up window
I/O Errors
spacer100Disk read errorPop-up window
spacer101Disk write error
spacer102File not assigned
spacer103File not open
spacer104File not open for input
spacer105File not open for output
spacer106Invalid numeric format
Critical Errors
spacer150Disk is write-protectedPop-up window
spacer151Unknown unit
spacer152Drive not readyPop-up window
spacer153Unknown command
spacer154CRC error in dataPop-up window
spacer155Bad drive request structure length
spacer156Disk seek error
spacer157Unknown media type
spacer158Sector not foundPop-up window
spacer159Printer out of paper
spacer160Device write faultPop-up window
spacer161Device read fault
spacer162Hardware failurePop-up window
Extended Critical Errors
spacer163Sharing violation
spacer164Lock violation
spacer165Disk change invalid
spacer166FCB unavailable
spacer167Sharing buffer exceeded
Fatal Errors
spacer200Division by zero
spacer201Range check error
spacer202Stack overflow errorPop-up window
spacer203Heap overflow errorPop-up window
spacer204Invalid pointer operation
spacer205Floating point overflow
spacer206Floating point underflow
spacer207Invalid floating point operation
spacer208Overlay manager not installed
spacer209Overlay file read errorPop-up window
spacer210Object not initialized
spacer211Call to abstract method
spacer212Stream registration error
spacer213Collection index out of range
spacer214Collection overflow error
spacer215Arithmetic overflow error
spacer216General Protection fault

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