StarCaster™ Broadcast Traffic and A/R Software
Native 16-bit, x86 architecture
Version 7.01b  (released Feb-16-2011)

NOTE! Our phone number has changed!
The new number is
(908) 397-6565


Screen Shots

Entry/Sign on
Title page/copyright noticePop-up window
Signing on to the systemPop-up window
Main Menu
Main MenuPop-up window
Order programsPop-up window
Account programsPop-up window
Log programsPop-up window
Copy programsPop-up window
Special programsPop-up window
Utility optionsPop-up window
Utility|ConfigurePop-up window
Utility|Configure|DatabasePop-up window
Utility|Configure|Database|AgenciesPop-up window
Utility|Configure|Database|Product CodesPop-up window
Utility|Configure|Database|Sales StaffPop-up window
Utility|Configure|Database|Account TypesPop-up window
Utility|Configure|Database|Sales TaxPop-up window
Utility|Configure|SystemPop-up window
Utility|Configure|DaypartsPop-up window
Utility|Configure|Rate cardsPop-up window
Utility|Configure|Order defaultsPop-up window
Utility|Configure|Log defaultsPop-up window
Utility|Configure|Tax defaultsPop-up window
Utility|Configure|User programsPop-up window
Utility|Configure|Printer setupPop-up window
Utility|Configure|Network setupPop-up window
Utility|User programsPop-up window
Utility|File optionsPop-up window
Utility|File options|Back up StarCasterPop-up window
Utility|File options|Restore StarCaster dataPop-up window
Utility|File options|Install StarCaster upgradePop-up window
Utility|File options|Search disk directoryPop-up window
Utility|File options|View filePop-up window
Utility|File options|Program CRC AuthenticationPop-up window
Utility|File options|Network file statusPop-up window
Utility|System specsPop-up window
Utility|AboutPop-up window
Order Entry/Editing
Entry screenPop-up window
Carts (page 2)Pop-up window
Schedule (page 3)Pop-up window
Editing an order: GeneralPop-up window
Editing an order: CartsPop-up window
Editing an order: SchedulePop-up window
Viewing the hourly distributionPop-up window
Viewing scheduled cartsPop-up window
Viewing an order's costPop-up window
Viewing the cost of a single flightPop-up window
Viewing the cost of all flightsPop-up window
Viewing the gridPop-up window
Viewing weekly costPop-up window
Viewing monthly costPop-up window
Changing the schedule typePop-up window
Example of a Weekly-type orderPop-up window
Viewing a weekly distributionPop-up window
Viewing a detailed weekly distributionPop-up window
Example of a Fixed-type orderPop-up window
Order Wheel Editor
MenuPop-up window
Example wheelPop-up window
Viewing sponsors of a wheelPop-up window
Viewing the hourly distributionPop-up window
Order Projections
MenuPop-up window
Projection optionsPop-up window
Generating a new projectionPop-up window
Viewing generation statisticsPop-up window
Date Range optionsPop-up window
Date Range reportPop-up window
Date Range:By Sales RepPop-up window
Date Range:By AccountPop-up window
Avails optionsPop-up window
Avails report:24-hourPop-up window
Avails report:24-hour DetailPop-up window
Avails report:Multi-dayPop-up window
Avails report:Multi-day DetailPop-up window
Multi-month optionsPop-up window
Multi-month reportPop-up window
Multi-month:By Sales RepPop-up window
Order/Log Combined optionsPop-up window
Order/Log Combined reportPop-up window
Order/Log Combined DetailPop-up window
Order/Log Combined:Separate stations w/totalsPop-up window
Expiring Orders optionsPop-up window
Expiring Orders reportPop-up window
Active Carts optionsPop-up window
Active Carts reportPop-up window
Order Confirmations
MenuPop-up window
Printing a single confirmationPop-up window
Viewing an order before printingPop-up window
Printing daily confirmationsPop-up window
ConfiguringPop-up window
Order Maintenance
MenuPop-up window
Removing an orderPop-up window
Removing expired ordersPop-up window
Viewing file sizesPop-up window
Checking for duplicatesPop-up window
Scan/fix physical filePop-up window
Account Entry/Editing
Entry screenPop-up window
Editing an accountPop-up window
OptionsPop-up window
Bank informationPop-up window
Account Adjustments
Entry screenPop-up window
Multi-line displayPop-up window
Print optionsPop-up window
Viewing totals by salespersonPop-up window
Account Credits
Entry screenPop-up window
Print optionsPop-up window
Filter viewPop-up window
Viewing totals by salespersonPop-up window
Account Invoices
MenuPop-up window
Selecting an invoice file to processPop-up window
Options for an invoice filePop-up window
Viewing an invoice listingPop-up window
Viewing an actual invoicePop-up window
Viewing dollars By AccountPop-up window
Viewing dollars By SalespersonPop-up window
ConfiguringPop-up window
Account Statements
MenuPop-up window
Prep optionsPop-up window
Statement preparation in progressPop-up window
Processing statementsPop-up window
Statement summary optionsPop-up window
Viewing a statement summaryPop-up window
Viewing a statementPop-up window
ConfiguringPop-up window
Account Reports
MenuPop-up window
Account List optionsPop-up window
A/R optionsPop-up window
A/R SummaryPop-up window
A/R DetailedPop-up window
A/R Summary by SalespersonPop-up window
Billing Histories optionsPop-up window
Billing History reportPop-up window
Billing History DetailPop-up window
Billing History Item DetailPop-up window
Billing History by SalespersonPop-up window
Credit Histories optionsPop-up window
Credit History reportPop-up window
Credit History DetailPop-up window
Account End-of-Month
MenuPop-up window
DiscussionPop-up window
Step 4 of the end-of-monthPop-up window
Viewing the proposed A/RPop-up window
Viewing credits to be appliedPop-up window
Viewing expiring adjustmentsPop-up window
Account Maintenance
MenuPop-up window
Removing outdated invoice filesPop-up window
Viewing file sizesPop-up window
Scan/fix physical filePop-up window
Editing the A/R directlyPop-up window
Log Editor
MenuPop-up window
Editing a logPop-up window
Editing two logs at the same timePop-up window
Editing three logs, cascaded windowsPop-up window
Options menuPop-up window
Reports menuPop-up window
Time Usage reportPop-up window
Time Usage: SearchPop-up window
Cart List reportPop-up window
Cart List: SearchPop-up window
Cart Duplication reportPop-up window
Dollars on Log reportPop-up window
Account Distribution reportPop-up window
Account Distribution: SearchPop-up window
Violation Check reportPop-up window
Order/Log Compare reportPop-up window
Print Log optionsPop-up window
Problem CheckPop-up window
Digital Export optionsPop-up window
Log Generator
MenuPop-up window
OptionsPop-up window
After generatingPop-up window
Optimization analysisPop-up window
Log Face Builder
MenuPop-up window
Editing a Standard log facePop-up window
Editing a Custom log facePop-up window
Editing a SchedulePop-up window
Assigning a Custom hour to a schedulePop-up window
Log Maintenance
MenuPop-up window
Changing several logs at oncePop-up window
Removing outdated logsPop-up window
Viewing file sizesPop-up window
Rebuilding various index filesPop-up window
Copy Editor
Entry screenPop-up window
Editing a copy filePop-up window
Running a stop watchPop-up window
Printing a copy filePop-up window
Copy Reports
MenuPop-up window
ConfiguringPop-up window
Creating tear sheetsPop-up window
Example tear sheetPop-up window
Example tear sheet #2Pop-up window
Viewing an invoicePop-up window
Copy Maintenance
MenuPop-up window
Removing a copy filePop-up window
Removing expired copy filesPop-up window
Viewing file sizesPop-up window
Special: Labels
MenuPop-up window
Creating a label listPop-up window
Process qualifying accountsPop-up window
Printing from an existing listPop-up window
Printing labelsPop-up window
Configuring label parametersPop-up window
Special: Text Editor
Entry screenPop-up window
Block optionsPop-up window

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